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Fidel Castro

On October 3, 1965, in the presentation of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, Fidel Castro reads famous farewell letter from Che, where you give up all your positions and nationality Cuban and announcing his departure: other lands of the world claim to contest my modest efforts. I can do it you are denied by your responsibility as head of Cuba and came time to separate us into new fields of battle will take the faith I inculcaste, the revolutionary spirit of my people, the feeling of complying with the most sacred of duties: fight against imperialism wherever that is: this comforts and heals more than any tears that I cannot leave my children and my wife anything material and not me pained: I am pleased to do so until victory always. Fatherland or death! After his possible participation in the guerrillas of the former Belgian Congo, in 1966, it penetrates in Bolivia, and directs one of the two columns of the guerrilla group. On October 8, 1967, in combat in the Yuro ravine, Che is wounded and taken prisoner by the Bolivian army in collaboration with the CIA. Surya Vihar helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The next day it is executed in the village of La Higuera, by order of the CIA.

October 18, 1967, in the Plaza of the revolution, before Middle million Cubans, Fidel Castro when reporting his death, said: you’ve gone physically, but your figure and your ideals are still and will remain in force in us, because those cannot kill what you with bullets. Among the most relevant titles of his works are: philosophical dictionary (1946-1957), the motorcycle diaries, war-guerrilla (1960), Cuba in Punta del Este (1961), economic Plan, a law which should not be violated (1961), the role of the working class in the construction (and) emulation, vital part work of the nation (1962), passages from the Revolutionary War (1963)The prophecy of Che (1964), farewell letter to Fidel Castro (1965), the socialism and man in Cuba (1967), the diary of Che in Bolivia (1968), 1957-1967 works (2 vols., 1970). In addition, he wrote numerous short stories, articles, letters and delivered many speeches and lectures faithful always to its motto: let us be realistic and do the impossible. We will end this brief on the Figure of this great revolutionary, with the last stanza from the lyrics of the song he wrote Carlos Puebla in his tribute: up always Commander! / here remains the clear / endearing transparency / De tu querida presencia / Comandante Che Guevara. Francisco Arias Solis. Cadiz with Garzon. Democrats with the judge BALTASAR GARZON Association by a democratic justice and a dignified judiciary. Internet for peace and freedom and free forum.

The Service

The primary function of social services is to respond to a series of needs that are experienced as real by the population. This function can extract the following characteristics/needs: as educators families, in the moment that we have to intervene in the field of families at social risk, we have to bear in mind all of these needs. Referring to the last mentioned, the subsistence needs, we have to leave that there are people who themselves same, due to various circumstances, as it may be, the lack of housing or lack of power, are not capable of maintaining itself same and need the help and the support of institutions such as social services. On the other hand, the need for participation refers to people should exercise as citizens and they must facilitate access to forums of representation, as well as its recognition as such. A problem within this section, not only in what concerning the need for subsistence and participation, is the lack of ignorance; many families feel the need of information and accessibility, since they are unaware of the existence of resources and how to access them. 1.2 Social services social services beneficiary families beneficiary families vary depending on the programs or services provided them.

As educators families, want to know especially: 1.2.1. Families who are experiencing difficulties in the relations between its members tend to be families served by a team of professionals providing support through the service of prevention and intervention family and who frequents to consist, in most of the times, a psychologist, an educator and a social worker. These families tend to come as users of the social services because it occurs within the family any of the following reasons: – abuse within the family.-difficulties in the process of communication between parents and children-difficulties in the relations of couple-difficulties in the educational process and/or evolutionary development of the children.-other situations of family crisis.