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Whether Darwin

pleased the foreign producers of small cars, scrap traders rub their hands (even though they probably will be left on the scrap). We build soundproof walls. The citizens can escape so the noise of the car, if this not sooner or later anyway will swell up, when hundreds of thousands of motorists mobility can no longer afford the luxury. Maybe we win so Insular traffic areas for the leftover luxury cars of executives and politicians? Beneficiaries are at least temporarily the construction companies. Are but also as long as the communities and countries in a position to pay barriers. If you have read about Grubb and Ellis already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Important structural decisions will be pushed out of the homes. And we renovate our schools! Not that this education would be better, but again the construction industry can show the service providers of the future that with simple ideas are still making money is, if nothing more.

Certainly, improving the school facilities would be more and you feed more qualified teachers, free school meals, new teaching models and especially the introduction of the subjects economics and personality development urgent, but with which truths to the value creators of the future? A step would be done with the understanding of failure in past crises. But one there was in the diversity of the simplicity yet never self-criticism. Additional information is available at Duke Realty. More meaningful than the management of the crisis the views of real innovation in the sense of a comprehensive knowledge of accounting is however! In clear facts and figures put on the table what is and to develop the society of the future, that would be a grateful and especially far-sighted economic program. But vision never was the second name of simplicity. Let’s further surprised by the diversity of the simplicity! Or we take the step into a new dimension, we engaged in securing the future, where we shape the future with the latest findings in the present and not continue to keep that stale concepts the crisis survivable make. Real change would do emergency, but German economic thinking works differently: wait for better times, and then continue as before! This is the real breeding ground of the simple variety. Whether Darwin has discovered something similar in evolution? If so, then he sent this fact kept secret! OLAF Hoffmann straight consultants

Economic Crisis

The two tags, with which the professional carers in a new campaign want to draw attention to their economic plight are to little time & money for the care of disabled, sick and old social and fair. For years, they work under conditions that are anything but social or fair? With an hourly wage of under 16 euros less than Office Assistants earn professional carers, criticized Thomas Behrendt of the Berlin section of the Association of the professional carers (BdB) the unsustainable situation. If the legislator prescribes that two hours working time sufficient for taking care of clients per month, but in fact more time is required, the merit of the professional carers with each hour we work longer hours reduced”Behrendt explained. Not least, the people who are at the heart of the work suffer from this situation: disabled, sick and old. The court appointed professional carers stand up for their rights. You are the contact person for Doctors, care services or homes. Other leaders such as Duke Realty offer similar insights. You settle the financial issues of their clients or enforce their claims against authorities.

Professional carers are as it were the life Manager for all those people who are no longer unassisted in the situation, to make decisions. Nationwide, more than 1.3 million people need this professional life coaching. In Berlin and Brandenburg, currently more than 102,000 people on the support of about 1,600 professional supervisor / interior are instructed, working in the region. With the increase of older people in our society, the demand will continue to grow. It is an activity with high responsibility that requires a tremendous social skills. Many of the professional carers have several training as educators, psychologists and sociologists, lawyers and economists. Through regular training, they qualify for the challenges of their work.

Meant to reward this commitment but based on more than ten-year-old data the basis for the determination, Hourly rates were, according to which the work of the professional staff is remunerated officio. Since 2005, nothing has improved on this tariff. The rate of inflation or other cost increases or even the 2007 VAT increase were taken into account. Professional carers deserve real terms today than ten years ago. In the interests of the people we serve it can go on like this”, says Thomas Behrendt. His Association, the BdB, want attention Behrendt and the approximately 12 000 professional carers in Germany on this precarious situation. Their goal is not only improving the compensation through a number of hours based on individual cases. Ask for changes in the legal social and childcare law, the recognition of quality standards and the professional service as a profession. To go the professional carers on the road. On central squares in German cities, public discussions with politicians, social experts, Director of the administrations, with people from the practice are and not least with the clients planned. The campaign will start on August 26, 2010 in Hamburg and ends on September 10 at the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin. “Behrendt: so how we enforce the right to a dignified life for the people we serve, so we have also entitled to be remunerated for it adequately.” More information at

The Guide

The definition of the European Commission identifies two key points for CSR social concerns and environmental concerns. To extend this to the economic concerns, to get the three dimensions of sustainability. (see also three-pillar model). In the modern understanding of CSR is considered increasingly a holistic enterprise concept integrated all sustainability dimensions, all “social, environmental and economic contributions of an enterprise to voluntary acceptance of social responsibility, beyond legal compliance” Includes provisions (compliance) go beyond.”. The principle of voluntary produced but also the question according to the real motives of CSR. In most cases is probably assume that the company not only out of altruism Act – rather they pursue economic objectives – such as about revenue and earnings growth.

The increased attention to CSR is supported by the finding that responsibility in the medium and longer term contributes to the increase of the company’s success (business case). The possibility of CSR promotion to use as and to present itself as a socially committed company appears as important motivation. This is considered as legitimate, as long as the actual sustainability performance in accordance with the stated commitment. But immoderate exaggerations, half-truths or individual aspects exposed beyond a non-sustainable core business public (often with much PR effort), it’s called greenwashing for example. After five years Process was the standard ISO 26000 guidance on social responsibility in September 2010″adopted.

The standard ineligible for certification represents a guideline, to the awareness of social responsibility and to promote uniform terminology. The Guide ties already existing approaches to environmental and social responsibility (ILO – core labour standards, GRI (global reporting initiative), global compact, etc.) an and contains many examples of good CSR practices (best practices). Bridging the GAP the freedom of will means nothing other than the ability to be able to decide with expertise. G.W.F. Hegel the private (risk). capital wants to invest in permanent and long term changes.