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Wicks Straightening

The other day I was writing about the straight hair and how to have it. Now I want to write about Japanese straightening because for those who aspire to have a straight hair forever think it is the best option because you don’t need ironing you nor stretch the hair dryer or plates, thus preventing you burning out and splitting.This type of smoothing also has as ionic or thermal straightening name. What I can tell you input is that it is expensive. A straightening quality Japanese can cost you about 300, clear also heard about new offerings, but should be noted that products will be used in your hair.The benefit is that according to many who have it die let you hair with healthy, shiny and silky appearance. It is applied in the following way: in the beauty salon they will wash you hair, with wet hair product is applied in all hair leaving it act about 30 to 45 minutes. Turns to wash the hair and smooth shape, this strand to strand from root to tips for all hair is set with an iron.Then apply on the hair a product to make permanent the straight made by the iron. Returns you to wash hair using shampoo and special creams, a little dry with a towel and dryer.During the first days you can not wash hair or fasten it with nothing. If you want to dye your hair you must wait 15 days and if you want to get highlighted or Wicks, as one month. We must also remember then nourish hair with conditioners and masks more often to keep the healthy appearance. Original author and source of the article