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Installation Notes

Many do not betray the values in the search design for your blog, the average user does not matter what word to enter in Yandex search: theme or template. But these two concepts, two different meaning. So I decided to share a little ideas about the differences between these concepts. Template for wordpress-is primarily for the author an easy option creation. Namely, write one theme and change it just simply a picture, without changes and additions to output content may change the location of the sidebar, and everything else will remain in their places. I think many experienced very similar patterns in their search. At the same slightly different purpose. Theme for wordpress-more complex and time-consuming option.

There already is an individual approach to each component of the output information for posetiteley.Privedu specific examples: a different number of sidebars, each teme.Zapisi on the home page configured in different ways, the first assume the post is displayed in full, and all subsequent anonsom.Tak same conclusion may be different information on different pages. Assume page portfolio can go without saydbarov.Na what else will be another page design zapisey.V archiving with the topic may also be files with certain plug-ins without which the issue quite simply will not have the desired vid.Tak same in the subject can be added to certain functions, for example, "if this blog is about real estate, there can be configured output object in a certain way for a better view. A small note on an error installing a theme or template! Sometimes I'm not careful, and from this arise meaningless problemki))) So I'll write one just maaaalenkuyu Installation Notes templates for WordPress. You download a template or theme and download via the admin area you get an error, I have in such cases there is a panic, as well as Good theme, but it is not filled in! And be a little closer I would have immediately noticed that the archive is not immediately under the main theme is! The authors make the archive with the same topic, and there lay ins are responsible for what is O beautiful nuances of design. The conclusion is that, when loading the theme through the admin panel review it in advance, perhaps in this archive there are still a couple of the archives 😉