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Home Credit

Highly qualified staff will help and suggest the choice of technology, and will do everything best to stay in the stores 'Technosila' gave people radost.Vsegda to services customers a wide range of high quality services: Regular program conducted in the network: The program 'Services +'. Offers customers with multiples 'Technosila' range of additional services. Certificate holder 'Tools' + is able to free post-warranty servicing of purchased equipment in the shops 'Technosila' in Within 2 or 3 years. Under the terms certificate, we are 100% guarantee that you will not have to pay for repairs. Program 'Tools' + offers you: a free diagnosis and repair of the goods, the replacement of the goods beyond repair, the equivalent; specialist departure for home, in case of maintenance of large equipment, cleaning products, if this is necessary for its operation. Program 'Tools' + – a guarantee of reliability. We will undertake all cares about your technique and make your life comfortable.

Sale of equipment on credit. Chain stores 'Technosila' offers for sale equipment on credit. Partner network of shops' Technosila 'is a' Home Credit ',' alpha bank ',' russian standard "and" Renaissance "and other banks. We offer our customers various forms of credit, the difference which is the size of the loan, amount of down payment, order processing and payment, and term maturity. The user can choose the lending program, which is more in line with its inquiries. In March 2005, Technosila together with partner banks Technosila launched a free credit for their buyers for a period of 1 year.