Divorce. Property Division. Inheritance Law And The Law

Virtually all citizens, sooner or later face the problems related to property rights. Most often this concerns, such as hereditary cases, the entry in the inheritance, probate, divorce, property division, prenuptial agreement. In all these cases simply require assistance of a qualified lawyer. All documents relating to the marriage contract, inheritance and division of property shall be certified by a notary. In order to correctly prepare all necessary papers, you should consult with lawyers or attorneys in law firms. With regard to the division of property upon divorce, if the agreement was not concluded a marriage contract, the section property acquired during cohabitation and housework spouses, is by the world court.

In this case, all property subject to partition, divide between the spouses in equal shares. At the same time takes into account all factors. Even if the wife is the marriage did not work, it has no effect on its share of the jointly acquired property. It is believed that the household – it is the same work for the benefit of the family. It is also takes into account such circumstances, as a further accommodation of children. Therefore, in order to protect the interests of all persons in marriage recommended conclusion of the marriage contract.

Not smaller problems and waiting for you at registration inheritance. Coming into an inheritance – this is a complex legal procedure. Again, when accompanied by a will most problems solved by itself. If the will is made and there is no dispute among the heirs, the process section of the inheritance can be solved only in court. Civil Code clearly delineates the rights of inheritance, but in practice the interpretation of the law may be different, depending on the specific obstoyateltsv case. Here it should be noted that the will not give an absolute guarantee of entry into law, the estate received. Almost any will be challenged by lawyers. Today Society looks at a different conclusion of the marriage contract, rather than 5-10 years ago. Pragmatic in the best sense of the word, people prefer to pre-negotiate their rights and responsibilities in a divorce and division of property, often protecting themselves thereby from nelitsipriyatnyh litigation. The same can be said about the legacy of the case. Successors, especially in the case of a dispute about the inheritance, prefer to use the services of professional lawyers, thereby protecting itself from material losses.