The Voluntary Energy Certificate

Just as in washing machines but also cars is important for a long time ago, how environmentally friendly the devices or in which pollutant class (EU1, 2, 3 or 4) they are, so the energy efficiency of homes and buildings will soon become an important decision criterion when buying or rental of a property. The energy will grow accordingly in the near future in the real estate market as an important tool in the competition and establish itself. The Energy Regulation, in short EnEv is, since your first edition in February 2002, the central element of the energy and climate policy in Germany. With the new edition of 1/10/2007 Now that the guidelines for apartments, single-family houses and apartment buildings. Here, the energy-political demands on the state of the art to be adjusted.

The main points of importance: The energy needs during the construction, sale or rental of a building are to be submitted, with the first energy certificates are from 01.07.2008 to issue compulsory. Pending by 01.10.2008 it is allowed for all buildings .Freely between demand-or energy certificates to means that will be assessed independently of the location of the existing buildings and plant under construction technology and energy-related aspects. The Energy based on the actual energy of each occupant of the property. The data for energy consumption are taken from the billing of heating costs by heating regulation for the whole building or from the accounts for the energy suppliers. For three consecutive billing periods, this will calculate the average. The corresponding issuing of energy for use by specially legitimated persons. The legitimate professions ranging from architects to master craftsman with the additional qualification for building energy.