The Bathroom

Particularly welcome if the toilet will be installed a small washbasin. This layout of the bathroom and the toilet is considered the optimum by the criterion of price / performance. It is important that the project home on a maximum eliminates the "dead" zone. This is an area of the premises, which is not possible to give a special functional significance, and it is not meaningful for decoration premises. Exclusion of such useless areas of the project, essentially optimizing the cost of building a house. Can this item be considered especially important to find balance in the equation of cost. Typically, such "Dead" zones are areas of different corridors, corridors and passageways. Therefore, in recent times, when speaking about the housing economy class, then consider a reasonable cost-optimal area hallway (about 8.6 m2) which opens into the entrance hall seating for general use, from which there are entrances to the various individual rooms.

In this case the role of the corridor, passing rooms to play the hall itself. Then it is not necessary to increase the area Houses for corridors and assemble, and to trim an additional internal .Vot example of such a space planning. A two-storey or bungalow? Argued that the two-storey house advantageous for the cost of construction compared with the one-story house, since each of the floors have a common foundation and a common roof. This view is only partly true. This rule is well justified only in the case of houses with a total residential area over 150 m2.