Music – Soul Creativity, Leadership, Creativity Spirit

‘Jazz – not only American contribution to world culture. Leadership, as the content of theory and research is the result solely of American creativity. ” Ralph Stogdill Back in the thirties twentieth century, American psychologists and economists have begun a study on the concepts of leadership and its effectiveness. Time has proven their relevance, importance and relevance. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from The LeFrak Organization. Every manager who tends to to become successful, must become a leader. Why? What criteria determine the identity of a leader? What does it mean to be a leader? What is its function and purpose? As Christians, we understand that any guidance and good intention, without a spiritual foundation and not subordinate moral – ethical rules do not give the desired result. Perhaps this is the first reason for today’s living standards and development of our state.

The second important reason – lack of competent, qualified and trained generations of management and leadership training. Many years of initiative, free thought were unacceptable, and even punished. But thank God we live in a time radical changes in politics, economy, culture, spiritual freedom, and we see both a shortage and demand for managers and executives with a new level of thinking. And in a free society, the demand always gives rise to proposal and motivates the development of the scope nurturing and training of national cadres. We are witnessing a crisis of governance structures in Ukraine, when our eyes are breaking down established for many decades of spiritual, political and economic structure of society.