Ilya Rabushevsky

In the suburbs, which is the most densely populated region of the country, is under development only 4% of the territory. In the whole country under construction is not more than 0,2% of the territory, which equals approximately 3.5 million hectares. This figure falls short of international standards in several times. "When there are so many vacant land, we still poor for housing, which is essentially absurd, – the executive director of ZemProektServis Ilya Rabushevsky. – If no or not enough land to communication, they have to create forces local authorities and to budget money – is the care and the prerogative of the state.

The translation of this question at builders and developers of local government solely for one purpose – to earn a "permissive" and "Vowels" documentation. " Engineering preparation of the land includes the revision of territorial planning schemes, establishment of urban design, a clear distinction between land governmental, institutional and private, to create a single inventory, etc. "As you know," turbid "water is easier to do something that is closer to their own profits – says Ilya Rabushevsky. – That is why there is such resistance the intentions of the federal government to restore "the land order." Another question – purchasing power of citizens. Judging by the difference between the cost of housing in the primary market and the cost of construction, approximately half of the regions share of the cost of construction exceeds 80%. Since analysts' Real Estate Market Indicators. " The share of the cost of less than 75% recorded only in 10 regions: Moscow and St.