Four Types Apartment

What are the apartments? Distinguish four types of apartments: – economy-class apartments for rent – apartments for standard-class accommodation – apartments Business-class apartments – Luxury apartments in Economy Class Daily apartments for rent in St. Petersburg, economy class – a modestly furnished apartment, which was originally intended for nedorgoy rent. In all the apartments have a facelift. The kitchen is a necessary domestic Appliances – stove, refrigerator, microwave, utensils. The most common rental apartments of economy-class is used by people who have a limited budget to save on accommodation. Rent apartments of economy-class apartments in St. Petersburg – is the ability to remove adequate housing for students and people who do not have strong claims to the situation in the apartment.

Standard-class Apartments in St. Petersburg, standard-class represents a upgraded apartments, with a facelift. The level of these apartments is a three star hotel. In good condition all home audio and video equipment. One bedroom apartment standard class to accommodate more family or company. Apartments for rent standard-class on the day in St.

Petersburg – a very economical and comfortable accommodation. Business-class Apartments in St. Petersburg business-class converge on the level of comfort with four-star hotel. All rooms renovated. Well furnished apartment for rent – all the beautiful furniture, expensive plumbing, the latest audio-visual and home appliances. Businessmen will be very happy rent apartments in the business class in St. Petersburg, – for they include all the advantages of modern apartment: a central location near the metro, wireless high-speed Internet access. Apartments business class for daily rent is very comfortable to hold business meetings – a large living room, high security, video intercom. Elite Apartments in St. Petersburg elite class hold sormennogo very high level, set designers copyright. equipped with better technology. Always, luxury apartments have views of the Neva River and historic attractions. Luxury and high-quality renovation, the presence of air-conditioning, satellite television, dishwasher. All luxury apartments for rent are protected by private guards and round the clock video recording.