The Bank

This is undoubtedly the best climate on the island and a very balanced price / quality ratio. Prices to suit every taste – from 60,000 to 8 million euros. The ideal option Shopping – it's the purchase of housing in the initial construction stage, leading a large construction company under the bank financing. This low price, quality guarantee, the terms of the normal form of payment. This also applies to houses and apartments. Many interesting proposals, and in the secondary market.

Agree that it is much easier, and cheaper to buy already furnished furnished housing, rather than tinker with the arrangement of the new. But there always needs an experienced realtor: a lot of pitfalls and subtleties. Not always a good price – a synonym for a good buy. Where can you find an experienced and respectable realtor? Property in the Canaries is in high demand, so every housewife or taxi driver happily offer you my help in buying a home, counting on a decent commission. Of course, we should not communicate with random "brokers".

Simpler and more reliable contact professionally works, real estate agency, which on the islands, innumerable. How to choose an agency? First, note the presence of statutory documents and licenses of the chosen agency and the presence of diplomas in agency staff. Second, a longer chat with the representatives of the agency, asking them many questions about buying real estate. During the interview you to determine how professional and literate agency staff, as well as be able to determine, they are cunning, or telling the truth.