Salads Skin

The consumption of salads is very recommendable at any age for a number of reasons that directly affect our health: the first and foremost is to hydrate the body. Be prepared with ingredients with a high percentage of water in its composition, the salads are ideal to maintain body hydration, especially during warm periods where water loss is greater. They are diuretic and depurative. Due to its high content in water and potassium, intake of salads in the diet helps to eliminate liquids. This is especially beneficial in case of hypertension or fluid retention. The urine production increase associated with a greater toxic such as uric acid, urea, etc.

waste disposal, by what salads are highly recommended in cases of gout, hyperuricemia, affections on the joints, rheumatism, kidney stones due to the high content of fibers of their ingredients, salads regulate bowel function. In addition to laxative, fiber reduces cholesterol and maintains levels of blood sugar, which makes them particularly desirable in the case of diabetes. Prevent anemia. Green leafy vegetables such as spinach, watercress and endive are very rich in iron and chlorophyll, substances with proven anti-anemic effects. To facilitate the absorption of iron should accompany these ingredients with foods rich in vitamin like some fruit, tomatoes or peppers. Prevent degenerative and coronary diseases. The antioxidants present in plants block the action of free radicals, substances involved in the development of degenerative diseases and heart. They help regulate cholesterol.

Many vegetables and fruit fiber reduces cholesterol in blood. The olive oil that is usually tossing salads also produces the same beneficial effect on the organism. Protect the skin. The Sun’s rays are very harmful to our skin and their effects are translated in a premature aging and, in the most extreme cases, in the production of melanomas. Many of red or orange vegetables that carrots, tomatoes, peppers are used in salads, beets, etc. provide beta-carotene into vitamin A, essential for skin cell renewal, and vitamin C, which enhances the production of collagen, a protein that keeps skin young and wrinkle-free. They are low-calorie. In general, and provided that they are not accompanied by elaborate sauces, salads provide few calarias, which makes them especially recommended for those people worried about their weight. In addition to not get fat, they contribute to satiate hunger.