Evolution the existence human being, is characterized by a constant matureness, being of extreme importance to learn daily. Since first ' ' choros' ' , the human being is in a constant learning. To improve to each day, this yes must be a constant search in our lives, but as all rule can have some exceptions, some beings is in the inverse process, instead of evolving, they are who knows, coming back and regredindo. They are if becoming bitter, vingativos planners of the separate property of husband and wife and not of the common good, this yes is preoccupying. I do not want with this pessimistic being, therefore me it seems, that great part of the people is in the certain way, having positive attitudes, surpassing obstacles with ethical principles, using the victories as a constant learning in the growth process. We must search the perfection, exactly knowing that the perfection is utopia. We formulate questions daily, but never we must forget to search its answers. To live is necessary, but to search the happiness is one personal obligation that each individual must have I obtain.

The nature if characterizes for being a cycle, being thus, cannot run away from this cycle, must then accept, that great part of the questions will remain without answers, but this does not have to generate a room, therefore it is part of the human learning, also to search answers. I am astonished with intelligence human being, but it is evident, that together with intelligence we have the arrogance, to conciliate wisdom with intelligence, still is a challenge for us. ' ' To be born, to live, to grow and morrer' ' , this is the law, but I would add a word to this expression, humildade. The humildade is indispensable so that let us obtain to reach what I call, of auto-sustainable growth. I only know that nothing I know, as Scrates filosofava, this yes is to have humildade, to have conscience that we have limitations and we have that to respect the limitations of each one, without exception. The man already committed some atrocities throughout history, since primrdios we erramos in them, but also I believe that these errors come being minimized, throughout the times. Each time more we have a society more worried about the ethical principles, evidently that still we are very far from reaching the top of the evolution, but the growth of our species, I believe to be evident.