The Milagreiro Jesus – Chapter Three

BATTLE SPIRITUAL Battle spiritual was, ' ' for example ' ' , that one for which Jesus Christ passed back in the Getsmani (40) when knowing that he needed to obey to the God Its Father and how much that obedience would be painful, the spirit and the meat of Jesus had conflicted at that moment, a primordial question for the victory or the defeat spiritual of the human being. In the truth when we hear to say on battle spiritual and this battle is related in receiving corporeal property, it is almost certain that it is a material battle. The battle spiritual, according to bible, says respect to the confrontation, the decision of choice between obeying the God or obeying the meat, to fight against God or in favor of it to obey the meat and the world and consequentemente the Satan and life in sin or then to obey to the God and life in sanctity. All time that in we see to them in situations in which we have that to choose between God, the world, the Satan and we, on our will or the will of the Espirito Santo then are in battle spiritual. (Glatas, 5. 16) Of any form we go to consider as battle spiritual all and any fight of this believer.

There we notice, that it is spoken for the believer who it needs to place the faith of it in test that is must test its faith. Or to the times they say that if it passes for difficulties is because God is testing its faith. As already we saw, the objective of the faith of the believer is to please the God, then, can say that the faith operates in a sphere total is of the vision human being, it, cannot be placed to the visible test as something as in a laboratory, therefore it operates outside of the dimension of the tangible test.