Construction Of Brick

Brick houses have many advantages, including – high strength, durability and ability to withstand the damaging effects of weather, seismic, and biological factors. Brick has long been is one of the most popular building materials in Russia. Construction of houses made of bricks lets you use the most daring projects. Do not forget that in a brick house virtually no problems. It warm in winter and cool in summer. The walls of brick houses met, as a rule, solid masonry, which is complemented by decorative details.

House of brick (concrete materials) possess great strength and durability. Cottage of brick will last a lot longer house of wood, it does not lose its external and performance. Bricks vary its purpose, an ordinary brick used for the internal rows of masonry front hollow brick, has a smooth face. Facing brick to buy the same brand as the building to the entire wall was the same strength. Brick houses are not suitable for temporary accommodation. If the house of bricks for a while is not heated, then returned to it, you feel like you are in the cellar – cold and damp. To do good to warm brick house will need more than one day, ie heat will be a time when it is time leave. To avoid this, you need to or to live permanently in a house, or keep warm in an automatic mode. Why are all the same brick? Because construction of a brick house or cottage will provide you with a strong fireproof walls and guarantees high quality of the building. Brick homes for decades will be to keep warm, and bring warmth and comfort of their owners.