Waterproofing Materials In The Construction Of Cottages

Construction of cottages has recently become very popular. This is due primarily to the fact that every man strive to create your own cozy nook where you can relax and feel at security. And build houses prefer the countryside, because in the city person is exposed to noise and the influence of bad environment. However, the construction of houses – the process is rather complicated and long, are also very expensive. Therefore, in this issue should come with great responsibility. If you have a very vague idea of building cottages. It is better to fill this gap in knowledge.

And read specialized literature on this topic. This applies both to general issues of building houses, both public and private, such as which building materials used in this process. In this article we will consider the use of waterproofing materials in the construction of houses. Waterproofing materials – building materials, is waterproof and meet certain performance requirements strength, heat resistance, deformability, biological stability, and others are currently considering air pollution and the impact of aggressive substances in the design of the construction of houses, it should be noted that penetrate into the concrete account may not only water but also aqueous solutions of various aggressive substances. Therefore, except for water-resistance are important quality waterproofing is its chemical resistance.

Consider the main types of waterproofing materials used in construction of cottages. Reinforced slabs are produced by pressing hot mastic or hot asphalt mixture using reinforcement fiberglass or metal net. Reinforced asphalt mats are produced by coating a pre-impregnated fiberglass on both sides of waterproofing bituminous mastic. Mats for use in sealing waterproofing okleechnoy joints. Bitumen – a product of oil refining. On the construction and insulation works are used bitumen fourth and fifth grades. An important property of asphalt is its chemical resistance, through which it used for chemical protection of steel pipes and concrete structures. Brizol manufacture, laminating mass obtained by mixing petroleum bitumen, crushed rubber from worn tires, asbestos fiber and plasticizer. Brizol used for corrosion protection of underground metal structures and pipelines. Hydrosol is a roll waterproofing material obtained by impregnating asbestos cardboard Oil biumom. Hydrosol is intended for the device waterproofing underground structures and to rust. Tar is used as a binder. Isol – groundless roll waterproofing and roofing material manufactured by rolling rezinobitumnoy composition obtained by thermomechanical processing devulkanizirovannoy rubber, petroleum bitumen, mineral filler, preservative and plasticizer. It is used for waterproofing basements, corrosion protection of pipelines for the roof covering.