The Church Against Modern Slavery

One could define the word slavery as unpaid work that badly paid, where humans are deprived of human beings guarantees such as freedom, despite all this, however 137 countries today consider the slaves as waste material According to the source cited. According to the report, there are many people mainly women and children they work under harsh conditions up to 16 hours a day. The high interest of small loans that many women received the tie for life, because almost never get them back, so if the debt is not canceled can not be free again. Moreover, the report reveals the situation of children without childhood and sometimes are being enslaved by priests, most beautiful girls that were allegedly collected by it for the family free of debt, when the truth is that besides the many chores to be performed, are also sex slaves. In the event that the girl fled, the family would be freed from debt. These are just a few examples among thousands who remind us that when the Pope as head of a very rich church talks to share, many are mocking sounds, especially the poor who live under the domination of others who exploit to enrich themselves at their expense. But it also sounds like a mockery of middle class people who are sparked by a religious leader to share what they have, when you live surrounded by wealth, luxury and power and is holder of an unimaginable treasure that does not share. The preaching of love, compassion and equality given from the rich and ornate altars or from rooms full of delicious treats in the name of Jesus of Nazareth has helped not only the churches are empty, but many consider Christianity as a religion based on greed, when the truth is that Jesus did not mention any of this. He said the man who asked him about what to do but enforce the laws: "Sell everything you have, distribute it among the poor, then come, follow me." Are they then really the ecclesiastical dignitaries Jesus of Nazareth or rather the tempter who offered him in the desert's greatest pleasures and earthly riches?