Thai Architects

The historical richness of Thailand is inexhaustible. The past of this wonderful country excites the imagination of tourists and causing an intense debate among scholars. Unique heritage of Thailand keeps tracks of several cultures, created in this country a unique atmosphere. Local residents keep their sacred centuries-old traditions and religious culture. In Thailand, many temples dedicated to revered in this country – the great Buddha. And one of them – stunning white temple. It is a modern religious buildings, originality is hard to compare anything.

White temple in Thailand is not yet very well known to tourists. However, from year to year, fans of the original flow architecture has been steadily increasing. Construction of this unusual building was started in 1998 and continues to this day. Creator, mastermind and sponsor of this project is one of the famous Thai Architects, known worldwide as "Thai Salvador Dali." According to the author's decision to build on their money has come a long time, and the temple is the dream and goal of all life, designed to bring the sacred Buddhist precepts to hearts of modern people. Originality and singularity of construction is impressive. White temple is absolutely no resemblance to traditional Thai religious buildings. Starting with the complete absence of bright colors, unusual shapes and to contemporary painting the interior. White Temple in Thailand totally nothing to compare, and, of course, arrived in this beautiful country, stands to witness the unusual and fascinating structure.