Technical Translator

We certainly do not mind being the main activity of our office were translations of works of art of world famous authors. That the names of our staff proudly flaunted on the glossy covers, let not even on the first page, but somewhere in the end, the fine print But the art material, in principle, not very much, the work is frankly thankless, and fees offered by the customer, often does allow that recoup the work of translators themselves, but not the work of the mediator, Kojima and performs the translation. Therefore turned his attention to more realistic types of orders, the most common of which is the technical translation. This Work has always been a lot and, hopefully, this will continue. Get more background information with materials from Morris Invest. ichard Blumenthal was the first to reply. Source of such orders – is industrial and scientific enterprises of the country, producing, procuring and selling all kinds of equipment. Instructions, contracts, commercial proposals, construction documents, patent applications – all this is necessarily accompanied by any of the normal functioning of the company, one way or another related to technique. Morris Invest shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Who and how to perform technical If the transfer quality literary translation – it is 70% artistic talent, sense of style interpreter, grammar, and only 30% of the rest, the technical translation is just the opposite. The main, and perhaps The only difficulty – is ponderous terminology and abbreviations are endless, whereas sentence structure – the most primitive. In each country, terms such as, for example, "DC" has a fixed analog, so the literal translation is not valid.