Summary Of The Film: The Other Side Of The Nobility

Summary of the film: The other side of the nobility the film ' ' The other side of nobreza' ' he tells to the trajectory of the one doctor, Merivel, just formed of the Real College of the Surgeons, that finishes for if ahead detaching of excessively the doctors of the vision king Carlos II, when has the courage to touch the heart palpitante of a patient. None of its other friends has this courage. Merivel did not have no type of superstition and believed the naturalness of the medicine. When the king Carlos observes the attitude of Merivel ahead of the patient of the displayed heart, orders flame? lo to the palace and in the colloquy that has with the doctor says: ' ' Somebody very next me, without who I do not obtain to live, is dying, no doctor obtained cure – l' '. After the colloquy the king said to it that &#039 was obtained to cure this; ' algum' ' , if it would become the doctor of the cut. Confident in its accepted Merivel capacity the mission, and to the presented being the patient, who had for name ' ' Lulu' ' , the doctor if frightens when seeing that its luck depended, therefore to obtain, with the medical art, to cure a dog. Its future as reliable doctor of the king depended exclusively on the life of the dog and counted on luck to save its life, the science that knew was not enough to cure the life of a dog. When it found that ' ' Lulu' ' it was deceased, it happens a surprise, the dog starts to moan and to bark. Of this day in ahead the life of dumb Merivel completely, of a doctor of vocation for what he made, if it becomes ambitious person and it wants the cost to change of life and its profession all that was to save lives for believing the science that had studied, gave to place the ambition for money and women, who were its ' ' perdio' '.