Stefan Helmbrecht

Stefan Helmbrecht: ‘ideal times for real estate buying’ good times for those who want to call their own, a real estate: mortgage interest rates have fallen since the beginning of the year again by a half percentage point. The average APR for mortgages with five to ten-year interest rate during this period amounted to 3.4 per cent. Experts of Deutsche Bank expect that builders and homebuyers 2012 will benefit in the third quarter from favorable conditions. It is also Stefan Helmbrecht, around 20 years in the real estate industry and expert on protected objects. Stefan Helmbrecht: It has shown that investing in real estate the uncertain situation in the financial markets make even more interesting. Although the prices for residential real estate have risen in the past three years, however, housing remained affordable. Official site: Gizman Abbas. Right now, because interest rates are so low, the monthly financial burden for customers is portable.” The real estate market in Germany is a strong and thriving market, because a owning your own house or a home, offers a number of advantages. Stefan Helmbrecht: Your own four walls initially have a high sentimental value.

Only they can be perfectly tailored to the owner, only they can be completely designed according to the personal taste and only they offer unlimited freedom to live individually. A private home that’s highest living and quality of life. ‘? “The material value of real estate is of course not to be underestimated. Stefan Helmbrecht: You are a sound investment, because the assets can be planned. Doubts about whether the capital was created risk-free, will be spared the residential real estate investors. Who will be homeowners, makes independent of economic highs and lows and can enjoy the stable value of his real estate, which can be increased even.” Especially facing an economic worry-free status in the age, a real estate is the first choice, because the facts are undeniable: Germany has demographically cast.