September High-rise

During the construction of skyscrapers in Moscow, in addition to traditional brick and mortar, it was decided to also use the metal. They avoid burdening building, but at the same time gave him extra strength. A strength of such projects are never superfluous. Indeed, despite the efforts of builders, the main drawback of the first foreign high-rise buildings has long been instability of their structures. During gusty winds in the upper rooms swinging chandeliers and even a water splash. On the day Moscow, 7 September 1947, at the same time laid the foundations of eight high-rise structures, marked a new stage of development capital architecture. However, the most ambitious project of the Group of Eight – the building of the Palace of Soviets, whose height was to be 415 meters, was never built.

Work on other construction only began in 1949. All this time, "redrawn" their projects, the number of floors and has long been uncertain. One of eight projects was the construction of the main 36-storey building of Moscow State University. Legend has it that Stalin and profound impression Building Municipal Building in Manhattan, and it was his, he chose a prototype high-rise Moscow State University, as well as other first Moscow skyscrapers. It is interesting that around "to be or not to be" Tower msu – boiled hotly debated. Specialists have insisted that the institution of this magnitude will require too many lifts, and offered limited to four storeys. To erect a tall building on the Sparrow Hills and Actually it was risky: it is very soft ground, which could not withstand the enormous weight of the structure.