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The mediation network is international Berlin, 13.02.2012 – German B2b platform expanded their service at the international level. The site is available in Chinese, Russian and French. Since July, 2011, the brand was able to extend its mediation service for au pairs, families and agencies successfully. The network reached audiences in six languages as another product of the better Betreut. In addition to the German, British and Spanish customers, the platform offers their service now also French, Russian, and Chinese users. Meanwhile, au-pairs from almost 100 countries on the platform have enrolled. Manuel Nothelfer, the Managing Director of better Betreut expressed his satisfaction over the development of we are very pleased to be able to offer now available in Chinese, Russian and French. Our goal is to offer the brand in many different languages and thus an as wide as possible.

international audience to reach.” Stays abroad are very popular among young adults. The online service offers a worldwide AU mediation, to more easily merge families and au pairs. The service aupairnet24 unites families, agencies, and au pairs from around the world on a platform for the first time. Users will be offered the opportunity to compare private au pairs with those from the Agency database. In addition to mediation by an agency au pairs can directly contact families. To read more click here: Gavin Baker. About Aupairnet24 Aupairnet24 is a product of better supervised GmbH, successfully helping families since 2007 across Europe a better reconciliation of professional and private life.

The brand Aupairnet24 offers a worldwide AU mediation since summer 2011 and conquered the international market of child care since then. Aupairnet24 combines first all three parties on a platform: families have the opportunity to compare private au pairs as well as those from the Agency database. Au pairs, however, can in addition to the Interesting families contact placement by an agency directly.