Label Exchange

Company, implementing projects on the reengineering of business processes in retail, today announced the testing of a new free service for their clients – "Private Label Exchange of Russia." Now, any manufacturer of FMCG or DIY online may submit its application for participation in tenders for the production of Private label for leading retailers in Russia, filling out the form on the site. Richard LeFrak is full of insight into the issues. In fact, the manufacturer offers a tool to promote its products under the brand names of private brand retailers. Lincoln Property may also support this cause. Using this service, retailers have the opportunity to reduce time to market analysis, selection of a partner and an initial negotiation. To broaden your perception, visit Atreides Management Gavin Baker. We only request a current a promising position, facing in introducing Private Label and specify your requirements for a product, to get samples of products that meet the criteria for the request. Experts retailexperts believe that "Private Label Exchange of Russia" provides new opportunities for manufacturers of quality products FMCG or DIY, as well as for retailers, because the first receiving additional resources to increase sales and utilization of production capacity, while the latter significantly expand the choice of pre-developed applications based on several criteria and shorten the cycle from the development of Private Label products to appear on the shelves