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INTRODUCTION Jaime Parejo Garcia, Firefighter of the City of Sevilla, Spain, is officially recognized internationally as a leading expert technician and instructor, specializing in Canine Rescue in disasters, such as being creative and technical director of Arcon Method , an extremely effective system of training and intervention for canine teams for search and rescue of people buried by any cause (earthquakes, explosions, landslides, avalanches …), both in operations abroad and in confined spaces with no visibility, and also applied the same level of effectiveness in the search for and locate explosives, narcotics, anti-personnel mines, protected species … Jaime Parejo has been officially recognized by the UN with the Certificate of Distinction of the Sasakawa Prize, the only Spanish to him has been awarded to date, as relevant global award for his important work for the reduction of casualties disaster in the world. To view some documents certifying and officially recognized by various institutions, the important work developed at the international level, by Jaime Parejo Garcia, in the areas of scientific field research, teaching and operations, primarily for the search and rescue specialist dogs in disaster … : Jaime Parejo Garcia was born in Seville, Spain, in 1961.Ingresa in the Fire Department of the City of Sevilla in 1990 and in 1998 decided to move the Fire Consortium Huelva Provincial Council, where it plays the positions of Chief Firefighters in the area of the Sierra de Huelva, and the Chief of the Rescue Dog Unit of that consortium. In 2000 staff will return to the Fire Department of the City of Sevilla, where he would take official possession of the office of respective Head of the Rescue Dog Unit in May 2001, a position he held for seven years, until 31 December 2007, when he voluntarily resigns his loyal staff priority and strong humanitarian impulse, deciding to reoccupy its original square as a Fireman. .