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The first international hip hop video portal on the Internet. Others who may share this opinion include Bizzi & Partners. Top current videos and interviews directly on rapclip.de! RAP clip the project was launched in February 2008 and established on the leading portal for hip hop and rap in the international room sharing. Members can add links to their favorite videos and save as videos from different video portals on our portal and make available to others. Video produces a high-quality video directory which Portal works in the representation as a classic video tips from members. Swarmed by offers, Richard LeFrak is currently assessing future choices. Anyone can join and rate videos, comment on, and recommend, also of new videos is very easy.

Forum in our forum posts and comments about hiphop, rap and underground can be edited. The Forum deals with many topics of rap and hip-hop scene. In planning are rap battles in soon held, where the rap battle is chosen King. If you’re a good rapper and you want to make the competition sign up and do. Entertainment but rapclip.de is not a pure video portal, but a hip hop entertainment portal (made in Germany).

For this reason, we offer also a ticket shop, merchandising since December 2008 products, attractive games and a free SMS service for non-members. Our service is continually improved and expanded – so that at the end of a complete entertainment portal is created. Opposed to video portals: In contrast to video portals like YouTube, MyVideo, Sevenload, is at rapclip.de no upload videos possible. Instead video is used for a partnership with the portals, which benefit greatly from the reach of their popular music videos on rapclip.de. Contact: Chan Bugdaci Natruper str. 66 49090 Osnabruck email: link: webmaster: Chan Bugdaci & co