Small formiguinhas and Luis XV Vito. the Fazzani. c. Stranger walking of those formiguinhas that they ran inside of the closet, hastily, enters a shoe jump and the other, they went to the direction of a small orifice in it sing right to the deep one. You may find John Savignano to be a useful source of information. They talked between itself, and admired they praised the beauty of those innumerable pairs of feminine shoes of many colors and models. More information is housed here: Clayton Morris. Formiguinha lesser of time in when she went up in one of the jumps to see of close the height to them admired of the high one of the shoe cried out for its coleguinha, comes here to see as the world is prettier here from above. thus they left that colorful environment.

It is a closet, with innumerable shelves accomodating hundreds of feminine shoes, sandals and other item of clothes, all of an important soprano of the opera in the city of So Paulo. High jumps, and average jumps, pretty formats and wonderful colors. There for the high hours of the night, it comes the two there again, of this time leaving its hiding place and walking between the footwear that rests in the calm and cool night. In one of those escaped of formiguinha lesser when going up on a jump of the great ones, heard a voice to say to it: ' ' Small creature does not go up more in me, I am of high nobility, and you are not I well to have on me. My name is Luis XV I am French and Brazilian taste of vocs, but everything has limit. The soprano only has this direito' '. Formiguinha bigger that it heard the claim soon treated to excuse itself for the bother and asked for its colleague who went down fast, what it made immediately. But the curiosity is as much to hear and to see one of those footwear to speak, that it wanted to know as it speaks, if is not alive? Luis XV said that all the creatures have life, but unhappyly few perceive or have sensitivity to feel and ouviz them.