Fire Show

Childhood dream, teaching and tourism in childhood Ina’s not what did not think about creating theater fire, but had not even heard of the existence of fire-show. The girl really wanted to draw. Consequently finished art school and dreamed of going to an art academy. But not to, because the talent is often not enough. – Tuition fees, because in the form of state do not support good Uncle Scrooge almost only to protect the diploma. And with a brush does not split, and eventually hope to make the exhibition’s own creations. Teach a girl like the obedient and disobedient children capture spontaneity. And yet, in the future Inna Kirik wants to link the life of tourism, because the world itself tends to see and show others.

With fire on “you” Flame of doing what a man wants: writhing snake, scatters sparks fly upward, drawing chimera When artists are playing with fire, the audience mystery freeze on surprise, surprise, and fear of light. And indeed a miracle, especially when you know that the elements of fire show Inna possession itself. – In light of the fire brought me my favorite. He engaged in historical reconstruction and offered to try to tame the flames. At first it was scary. Yes, and no one would know for sure is the case, was not there – says Ina. – Fortunately, there’s the Internet, where you can find detailed recommendations, and video tutorials.

Examined the experience of professionals, began to exercise. When she felt what it means, I realized this hobby a long time. And then found a few willing and so was born our theater fire. K Incidentally, the first performance faernikiv held a month after the start of training. They were invited to a children’s camp on . – Our poi (balls that are on fire – aut.) Then there were imperfect, just wrapped normal tissue, during a speech and could fall apart, and that’s a little dangerous. But we managed. But this baptism took place on the last day of the city. Then visit us come for professionals from Lviv and together we acted outside the Ternopil castle. Had the opportunity to socialize and learn more about the fire show. Music flame suits and all the requisites for the action participants create their own hands. Of course, and do not forget about security. Every kind can happen. –

So far, thank God, accidents were not. All clothes – only natural, because synthetics quickly turns and to the body – explains the girl. – While there is only a winter version of the costumes from the skin. On summer want to buy antique linen or calico shirt. But poi is made from asbestos or kivlaru. Last in Ukraine can not get anywhere else, except that the order via the Internet. And cost is not cheap – worth an inch a few euros, and the winding of a bullet only to three meters. Therefore, Ina usually uses asbestos. – This material is harmless to the skin does not burn it, but the dart, which stitch asbestos, may leave small footprint. But during a speech, for excitement these small troubles and did not notice. – And what about relatives and friends, do not worry? – I asked. – Parents have become accustomed to my extreme antics – smiles Inn. – So skydiving, then playing with fire, then New Year celebrations in the caves But friends do not even realize all that behind dark glasses and black robes faernitsi hide it myself. The last time viewers could see the flaming show from Ina Kirik and her colleagues at the opening of the tourist season in highlight performances were fiery images with pyrotechnics. And although it lasted only a moment, and the graceful movements of artists, music and a myriad of sparks scattered golden rain in the dark, lit not for one heart.