Emerging Economies

After the last meeting of the G24 baptized emerging economies have been reinforced and their future prospects are more favorable. A new model of more regulated and balanced growth the liquidity crisis that has affected the business and financial sector of developed economies has not affected to the same extent to countries with a high rate of growth in the last five years as India, Brazil, China, Argentina or some renowned emerging Eastern countries. Its dependence on the primary or secondary sector have favoured a more homogeneous and balanced growth model. Control and regulation by independent bodies like the IMF have been one of the consequences that have allowed exit reinforced these countries from the financial crisis. Little capacity for leverage and foreign financing finally also been strong points. This situation allows us to analyze the structural origins of the current economic recession: an economic model overly exposed and incompatible with our productive capacity and supply the planet we can provide.

Materials premiums, food or energy sources become insufficient if a higher percentage of the planet further exposed models specifically for North America and Western Europe. After the Lord Oscar Tangelson, the G24 Chairman declares it is an unprecedented situation. Developed countries are those who are in crisis and the emerging that balance the scale. Hopefully you’re statements allow reflect his collaborators. Capitalism with greater protection and regulation although United States has declared open to the free market and little regulation, much of the remains of the G24 countries leaders have agreed that one of the main reasons that have triggered the worst crisis that we know from the postwar period of the second world have been caused by the excessive ease that any companyinstitution, holding company or country has had to pry it or borrow far above your credit or productive capacity. We have lived a model of steady growth and expectations that us generated each year has provoked a false sense of wealth and progress that has encouraged the use of all types of financial instruments that were based on making use of wealth that had not yet arisen. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala has plenty of information regarding this issue. These factors have caused a fictional growth and all economic and financial forecasts and General even budgets of the countries most rich have based these models. If we return to a more primitive or ancestral economy surely the whole population we will benefit. Regulation and control are required. In that case we can talk about real progress.