Content Management System

The services provided by Web 2.0 are: Blog: And a mini website, where staff usually are regularly published news, articles or comments of interest on various personal issues, advertising and general interest to fans of the owner. a Photo Albums: This is a term known to all. RSS: A data format that allows the user to receive notification of updates on a website each time the website is updated. CMS: For its acronym in English a Content Management System, Content Management System: An interface that lets you control one or multiple databases with which we can make changes to content hosted on the database of a website . Geolocation and Georeferencing: These two concepts show the geographic location of a physical object into digital maps posted on websites, that is used to know exact location of a place, house or building in a town or village. A specific example of this is the display a georreferenciador is Google Earth, allowing buildings to locate and observe photo realistic view of the tracks in 3D dimension, lights, shadows etc.. Read additional details here: Grubb and Ellis. Also help locate animals, people, vehicles that can carry a GPS.

Online Applications: Web 2.0 exists in many applications useful online that are starting to integrate the known mass. Especially in the field of digital mapping and user-generated content such as forums, Bblogs, Wikis, RSS, etc. Although they are primarily service Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google. P2P: For its acronym in English (Peer-to-peer): This acronym have been very controversial and have had great reviews, because everyone sees it differently, but regardless of this, we can define as a type of network all units of which it is located on one level, (hence the call pairs), all members of the network at the same time act both as clients or as servers and thus optimize the bandwidth of the structure. Web 2.0 evolved from Web 1.0 which is the traditional web and were known to all static pages built in HTML that are not updated frequently. Successful. Com sites more dynamic depended on calls where the CMS Web 1.5 Content Management System, supporting dynamic HTML pages created easily from a database current.