Daqui little I will be able to say that I am a carried through man. I remember as if it was yesterday; I was for the coast to refresh the head, to better use to advantage my days of recess and nothing of what tanning a beach, hearing the sound of the sea, to make that one walked by the hot sand disconnect, me of the daily running. I really love this! As much is that I bought an apartment for there, thus could be more to the will. It was in a Saturday at night, it was heat and the climate asked for to a stroll the side sea. The wind acariciava my face and played of a side to another one my hair; it could hear the racket of the waves and, solitary, enjoyed of the beauty. I sat down in a bank and, to far, it sighted only the shining points of light in the infinite of the sea.

It reflected the stars. I closed my eyes and I started to concentrate me at that moment, suddenly I heard some laughs. I looked at around and I could see, to one twenty meters of me, five girls who seemed to be in one papo interesting; I deviated the look and I came back to concentrate me in the calm of the night, was in go. I could hear again, but now the point to confuse my inspiration was higher. How much April my eyes and I capsized for ve them I perceived that they were to comment of the young of the other side of the street that, by the way, seemed to dry the tears feeling itself humiliated. I arose e, I confess, I was without direction. I had will to go ties there and to say I to stop but I did not have nor logical to make this.