Argentina System

ABOUT the media mass communication Nelson Astegher Noam Chomsky, author of more than 80 books, visited the Argentina invited by the University of Buenos Aires offering a series of very interesting conferences lectures and seminars. One of them took place at the renovated Theatre of the people in the city of Buenos Aires. There among other things the American thinker developed his views in lathe of what he understands as propaganda system. In his book manufacturing consensus, published in 1988, Chomsky denounced the medios mass of inventing a consensus whose primary objective is to control the population. One work noted that 50% of the mass media were in manos of 23 corporations. More than one decade of those considerations Chomsky warns today in a short time more 3 or 4 international corporations there controlando the majority of the media around the world.

The Professor of the Massachusetts Institute of technology, created a new image to speak of this manufacture of consensus that is the propaganda system that he imposes on his country. The recent election in the United States is an example of this that Chomsky points out. Linguist says that in a survey that has been doing for years and which asks respondents to whom the Government works, usually it resulted that 50% of the interviewees believed that what toward for a few people; This last year this figure climbed to 93 per cent, i.e., the population, says Chomsky, realizes that the Government is not working for them, but for large corporations, that’s why only 45% of the electorate voted in the presidential election. This means that 55% of the electorate does not believe that you voting can change things. The policy became a marketing system where ideas don’t matter but the quality of the shows and so as the propaganda system works obviously triumphs in the north country, as says Chomsky than in Hitler’s Germany with Goebbels propaganda system.