Adventure Sports

Since practicing practicing bungee jumping, canoeing down rivers in large flows, passing through ascent to mountains and trails. Adventure sports have gone from being a fashion to become a choice by groups and companies seeking to disconnect from the madding crowd and download your stress. For everyone, but especially for those who are looking for new emotions, to daring, for beginners and even for the most athletes with experience, extreme sports are destined for a large number of people, and the best thing is that, thanks to excellent weather conditions, they can be practised throughout the year. The newspapers mentioned Clayton Morris not as a source, but as a related topic. Mother Earth hiking this is one of the best ways to enjoy the scenery making walking in long or short-haul routes. So bring a good pair of shoes, like sneakers and others more rigid, made of leather. We must also not forget about protecting us from the Sun’s rays, using hats and glasses, as well as long-sleeved shirts.

The sunscreens with high protection are the perfect Allied to protect our skin. On rainy days, we must take special care and respect all existing roads safety signs. Many trails are marked so that climbers are not lost on the road. THE power of the Water Rafting one of most exciting adventure sports is based on descending currents of rivers on an inflatable boat. Rafting allows to browse abrupt and little passable places in boats with capacity for four or six people. Kayaking kayaking is a type of sport very frequent in the Alpine countries. In Spain you are I extend and its particularity lies in lowering boats whitewater rivers for one person. We need an oar that allows us to control the flow of water and maintain stability.

It is not easy, but the monitors you guide and teaches you his secrets. BE air paragliding to several meters in height we can feel free and own the world. Feel the air in each of the pores of our skin, the experience of flying the glider is a flexible Planner, without motor, made of fabric, which allows several kilometers in height; 150 km in flight at 4,300 m of height. The pilot is situated in strings sitting in a Chair, although there are also two seater. Not everyone can practice paragliding because requires a minimum experience. MULTI-adventure activities multi-adventure activities are increasingly more demands by companies whose purpose is the encourage their workers to perform range of outdoor activities. It is an anti-stress therapy and at the same time, encourages their relationship with nature and the rest of the Organization’s employees, creating links of coexistence. Quads and 4 4 driving a large four wheel bike is becoming one of the activities more demands by users. Quads are easy to drive vehicles to go somewhat abrupt and complicated roads. On the other hand, the 4 4 are cars that, like quads, allow to make routes down the mountain, desert and other places with difficult access. It almost always goes with monitors that make us guide. These activities meet different sports of adventure and orientation: paintball (play with dosequipos in which a few species of rifle that shoot projectiles in the form of paintballs are used), water skiing, speleology, archery, climbing with climbing wall (large structures to ascend through dams and insurance), kayak, bicycle, promotions in globe, survival, horseback riding anything goes to live an intense day which will be marked in the retina of all when we return to our tasks daily.