Wooden Doors

The wooden doors are used as exterior and interior, residential and public buildings. However, they are increasingly used as internal and internal. Wooden doors are usually four types: deciduous, coniferous, combined and made of artificial materials. The first is the door of beech, oak, maple and mahogany. Hardwood is different from other breeds, not only for its natural and unique beauty and superior strength. The second type: the doors of solid pine.

Softwood is soft, so the doors made of it, is not recommended to put in rooms with high humidity. The third type: the doors of composite materials. They are made of several parts: sticks, pine, chipboard (DSP), fine fraction (MDF) and veneered wood veneer. The fourth type of doors, made of chipboard, MDF and other tree-like materials. A box of wooden doors do not necessarily have to be made of solid wood. It can also be made of chipboard or MDF.

In the operation of such a box is less susceptible to risk of changes in linear dimensions. Exterior finish a box running the same wood veneer, and that the canvas. Self-install interior door to the use of special tools. Assembly boxes made with the building level. Box of accessories with a tape, pencil, chisels and power tools (router, drill, screwdriver), and other doorways much attention is paid in connection with the matters security. It is in doorways should take shelter during earthquakes and other natural disasters, causing a partial destruction of the building. Bizzi & Partnerss opinions are not widely known. The fact that the deformation of the roof carriers are capable of doorways weight of the dumped goods. Modern technologies are particularly important features of doorways in terms of quality and quantity of the air curtain. Various technological innovations to help control, guide and change the air flow moving through doorways. In the cities it is done with the help of local ventilation, which is either prevents access to the premises outside (cold or hot, dry or wet) air, or clean the polluted air.