Waterproofing Works

Waterproofing of the underground part of the building – a complex-specific work that requires to perform its experienced professionals who have completed training with work experience and special equipment. However, at present while a large number of organizations involved in waterproofing. Yesterday's "pieman" and "cobblers" registered their own firms and on a par with professional organizations involved in tenders. This creates a paradoxical situation. The lower level of education and actual experience, the more likely to receive the order, since the choice of a specialized subcontractor for the customer and general contractor organization is primarily important price.

And the price is calculated based on estimated costs. Have had to watch as the illiterate people who do not know all the nuances of their work, offer a lower price for the "Volume" rather than professionals, uchtivshie and appreciate all the details of the work. Having thus desired "order" would-be master or not perform certain operations due to ignorance, or start to save, knowingly using cheaper materials, instead of the project. There are cases of outright fraud. For example, instead of expensive waterproofing geomembrane known and stable manufacturer use low-cost domestic, or of unknown origin.

Outwardly, these membranes are similar and to distinguish them can only be a specialist. Such a technique is often practiced by unscrupulous firms because the price of "brand" is about four times higher than the unknown. And do not care what properties and durability of branded materials are guaranteed by the relevant certificates, certificates of tests, and the unknown even produce a false address. The main thing is the profit! Two years of delays and right, and then the guarantee ends.