Water Plants

More recently, the choice for going on vacation was small. Most patient transferred plants to wick watering or other organized artful 'irrigation' of the bottles and hoses. Get more background information with materials from Twin Cities. Some lucky Keys left with relatives or friends, in the hope that they will monitor the plants in the absence of owners … In fact, in the west, in the indoor horticulture for just such cases, long used hydrogel. He allows plants to survive safely in the absence of irrigation for 2-3 weeks. The hydrogel may help with daily care, so as to monitor soil moisture, especially during the summer, to have the time. Hydrogel designed to order agrocomplexes later became widespread in areas such as: indoor horticulture, landscape design, horticulture. In the west, used by amateurs for more than 20 years.

This polymer compounds that can reversibly absorb large amounts of water and dissolved fertilizer and give it to the plant roots as needed. In the dry form is a granule, which in the presence of water increases in volume of 200-300 (!) times. The hydrogel is introduced into the soil. Plant roots penetrate directly into the swollen polymer beads. Do not have to worry about maintaining optimum moisture regime, the plants take water from the gel and dissolved in fertilizers as much as they need.

Plants do not suffer from drought. Can significantly (2 – 6 times) to increase the spacing between polivami.Naprimer, go on vacation and leave the plants for 2-3 weeks. The use of hydrogel improves appearance of the plants GIDROGEL.RU hydrogel. RU 2007.