Venezuelan Integration

In Venezuela, there is a concern that the state’s integration with the university has left much to be said for many years, monitoring has been neglected, integration of universities to government programs, the role of these for the guarantee to justify the reason for their existence and use them properly for the good of the country. Many national universities, specifically the public to which we are embedded, unfortunately, have become the preserve of powerful groups, where some still, there are lots of political parties the control, which are kept for years, select their authorities, teachers, administrative staff and to workers, leaving much to say about their results, the commitment to ensure academic excellence, professional consonant with the requirements that this requires more prevalent individual interests of the group, that of the community and more so, in a context of turbulence, uncertain, risky in political, economic, social, cultural, like the one facing, especially when the new government under management Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez is fully identified in leading the country toward what he called the new socialism of the XXI Century.

Definitely in the universities is manifested bad management, leaving much to say its functionality in all aspects, administrative, academic, teacher, has given way to that currently are not available with the appropriate operation is needed, particularly its professional graduates , where one sees the addition of the plant deuce their teachers, teachers needed to face reality, to the characteristics of a scenario of uncertainty, turbulent, risky as the current to which reference has been made, where it is necessary to have professionals who are able to meet the challenges, make way for necessary changes that lead to confidence is restored, appears democratic balance, the stage where they can safely provide the necessary knowledge for all what you enjoy living in Venezuela, supporting anything that benefits the social, cultural, housing, and health and education. .