Consider a typical roof structures. The shape of the roof can be divided into similar and flat. The use of each form is dictated by the location of buildings on the site of construction and architecture of the external appearance Shed roofs are used for buildings located on city streets, which are not permitted outfall and the dumping of snow on the pass side. Gable or schipsovaya used for both freestanding and for the adjacent ends of the buildings. Triangular sections of walls, slopes are called signed between schipsami or fronts. Chetyrehshodnaya (hipped or hipped), structurally more complex because of the diagonal edges and used in separate buildings. A variety of chetyrehshodnoy roofs are poluvalmovye (poluschiptsovye).

Poluvalma shape can be triangular or trapezoidal in, respectively, sections or forceps triangular or trapezoidal. Such forms are often used in individual building. Hip roof primenchetsya for buildings with a square or polygonal plan. All skates in a roof converge into one point. A variety of hip roof is pyramidal, domed and conical, flat and steep, as schpitsov, broken or steep. Vaulted roofs can have a circular or parabolic shape. Applied as a coating hall-room.

Mnogoschipsovaya roof is used for square and polygonal in terms of buildings. For mnogoschiptsovyh roofs are characterized by reer and valleys. French roof slope, occurs at 15 to 60 degrees to the rational use obema attic. independently of number of rays bearing system forms the basis of the roof structural elements, the range of which depends on the layout of walls and distance between nimi.Prezhde to starting any repair and restoration work, it is necessary to understand the causes of the problems. Usually, the appearance of leakage (ie, they are the main ‘symptoms’ of a troubled state of the roof) roofing blame. And yet the vast majority of homeowners seek help from the construction company makes a good reason. And the causes of the damage the roof structure can be summarized in three categories of errors: design, installation and operation. The roofs consist of a load-bearing elements, insulation, vapor barriers, leveling screeds and waterproof top – the roof. Load-bearing members – rafters, trusses, beams, panels, etc., TX loads of snow and the roof of its own weight on the wall are the basis on which other elements are stacked roofs. Thermal insulation is used to protect buildings from cold and heat the sun. Thermal insulation is solid, team and of bulk materials. Vapor barrier, insulation is placed under, protects the insulation from moisture. Suit roof of rolled materials (asbestos-cement sheets and tiles, metal sheets, tiles).