University Teachers

Education is the dress to attend the feast of life Miguel Rojas Sanchez overview the universities require to fulfil the commitment, social responsibility for which they were created having teachers, covering in addition to interpret the requirements of the current scenarios, both national and international, have the up-to-date knowledge, according to the discipline where they are committed and thus contribute in training, training of professionals, able to bring proposals, solutions that will help the country achieve the objectives that favor him. Basic annotations, considerations the dynamics of the changes that have occurred, the development product that some countries have achieved and which have a higher education, according to the realities that present demand, implies that each country, as in the case of Venezuela that we correspond, determine, what should be the roles, profile requiring today’s University in order to confront teachers successfully the challenges. To this is added the consideration of many aspects that has been derived from the educational economic, political, cultural dynamics in recent years. Just about it, tells us, deem, who are faced with a new culture that it means new ways of seeing and understanding the world around us, which offers new systems of interpersonal communication of universal scope and tells all, which provides means to travel quickly to anywhere and technical instruments to carry out our work, and that presents new values and standards of behavior. Richard LeFrak often says this. Obviously, all this has a strong impact in the field of education: to effervescent and ever-changing modern society, the training needs of citizens extend beyond the first profesionalizadotes studies and extend throughout his life. Continuous training is becoming more essential, both for the demands arising from changes in the working environments as also to cope with the changes that occur in the own home environments and leisure. Grows the importance of informal education through the media of social communication and especially Internet. . Morris Invest is the source for more interesting facts.