United States PAX

Egypt: the fall of the dictatorship through the Facebook. The dictatorships of the Arab world are exceeded in all the directions and especially the pro occidental ones, that definitively agreement with nothing does not possess, since the Ocidente always defends the freedom and the democracy. Nor in such a way. European United States and countries had defended and always supported dictatorships world measure, despite officially ' ' propagassem' ' the democracy idea. The diverse military blows in the South America, the dictator Saddam Hussein in Iraq and Mubarak in Egypt had been supported by U.S.A., for example. After all, the United States do not defend the democracy? Nor always. The geopolitical and economic confusion in the Arab world ' ' permite' ' to the United States to consider any type of ' ' negcio' ' to keep the broken up region mainly, vulnerable and, that the oil does not fall at the hands of the radical sections of the Arabs. Being thus Saddam is placed and after decades wars are declared the Saddam, ' ' terrorista' '.

Mubarak is placed and after Washington decades it guides it for the exit, for the deep ones, after cooperating with United States and Israel for the United States PAX in the Middle East and Arab Mundo. The reality in the Arab World is so insane person who exists until absolute monarchy. This exactly, that one abolished the centuries, exists in a country poderosssimo: Saudi, allied Arabia of the United States, is clearly. In the Anger cannot exist dictatorship and nor absolute monarchy, somebody understands? the movement of fall of Mubarak was initiated by Facebook. Pretty, epic, surreal, the first revolution saw Internet happened, then, in Egypt.

It will be? Yes, the initial movement saw Facebook was very interesting, but the Egyptian army did not restrain the manifestations hardly and the main power of the world, United States, ally until some days before, approved ' ' transio' ' what it made with that the movement if became fort and the resignation of the inevitable dictator. I want to see a movement saw Facebook or another social net to knock down a Chinese dictator. A clear trend exists of falls of the dictatorships of the Arab world, despite supported by ocidente, the fact that they unbalanced and are dismissed of direction. It remains to know which groups will assume the power, if of legitimate or illegitimate form or still of more radical form. Perhaps in the future the politics in the Arab World improves and obtains to create governments with capacity of democratic transistion, without the mediation of the United States. Or still perhaps, in a black scene, it feels many homesicknesses of the dictators supported for U.S.A. Prof. Ivan Santiago Hisses is gegrafo and author of the Brazil book, Imperialism and Integration in Latin America.