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Very close to that lake is an aquarium and a crocodile farm to visit is recommended. In addition, there are some small beaches where you can spend a pleasant time, such as El Morrillo, Yarey, La Bolsa, Caletoncito and Baconao, all east of the lagoon and close together. There are some places where you can dive. Refer to the hotel. The landscape is fascinating.

The next day then heading west, direction. Recently CB Richard Ellis sought to clarify these questions. Along the road There are monuments to historical facts, including those related to highlighting underground revolutionary period and the War pre Hispano-Cuban-American. After 30 km, between the towns of Vinent and Damajayabo lies the Valley of Prehistory, a veritable museum of outdoor animals and almost all of natural size, unique of its kind in Cuba. Not only in America of this kind, as there are other similar sites in three countries of our continent: Mexico, Chile and the United States. The first is about the Mesozoic Era, the second shows two periods of evolution, while the third animal has the characteristic that they are overblown. Prehistoric Valley occupies an area of 11 hectares and 1890 mo. In addition to the sculptures, there is also a natural history museum specimens of endemic fauna and two collections of butterflies and other shellfish, both considered among the largest in the world. In total there are 227 prehistoric animals, made other than Stone Zoo and visited. While in the latter animals were carved in stone by a single artist, those in the Valley of Prehistory were cast using building materials and participated in its preparation Santiago twelve artists in the late '80s under the direction of three professional .