Turkish Real Estate

Turkey and Russia are actively cooperating over the centuries. Russians are familiar with this state, primarily as a strong element of the tourism market. Turkey is the most popular destinations for tourism. With Yet some trends are beginning to change. To date, more and more visitors to the country acquire a property in a hot country or a huge cottage, whereas before our compatriots stayed only hotels for tourists. This is not surprising. Buying property in Turkey, you become the owner of the hour villa on the sea, but also guarantee himself a modern infrastructure and European service in Turkey.

In the case of buying a home you are able to secure a residence permit in Turkey that, given the desire of countries to join the European Union, will give you excellent opportunities. Turkey is an attractive country for investment. Mostly it concerns such a market, as real estate. Nevertheless, the choice of homes in this country and its location should be taken extremely seriously, because of the illiterate are able to unnecessary legal consequences. To purchase a facility should contact the professional who will help solve all problems and will accompany you at all stages of the negotiations. Our company has been in the real estate sector in Turkey long time.

For many years we have found professional realtors who know their business. We work outside of our state. People turn to us customers from around the world seeking to buy houses in Turkey. We can to satisfy the most demanding customers in finding the best home for investment. Attractive location for buying property in Turkey, was formed in early 2006. This is due to the adoption of the law, do not allow Turkish citizens to buy houses in the country. That is, the law adopted the same right to object to all. According to analysts, at present the ratio of cost and quality homes in Turkey is most attractive in Europe. When buying a home in Turkey have introduced one-time payments. The tax sale will be 3% of transaction value. Payment is made at the State Bank at the signing of ownership of a cottage. On practice, a function performed by the specialists of real estate market. The remaining costs associated with the acquisition, not exceeding three hundred dollars. In particular, it is, the various contributions, as well as translation, notarization of a passport. Despite the financial crisis, the market will develop dynamically. Meanwhile, the choice of homes is complicated by the large number of proposals, because the country's many delightful places where there is a desire to settle forever. In the state there is property for everyone, regardless of his money and aspirations. It suffices to say just a few favorite resorts with beautiful beaches and hotels: , Kemer, Belek, Marmaris and so on. There you will find a wide selection of quiet real estate on your taste: from luxury homes to low-cost studio apartments. One of the advantages of Turkey, in addition to sun and sea, is considered an excellent transport accessibility. Flights to Turkey in its frequency will give odds to the Russian coaches. No problems during the day, you'll be in a country with an excellent level of service, this country never ceases to cheer up a never-ending warmth and courtesy of local residents. In addition to this, the country's abundance of entertainment in all towns all planned for the tourists. And, despite the relatively good quality of life, property in this country is the most accessible to the inhabitants of the cis.