Turkish Commercial Real Estate

Buy Hotel in Antalya, is to make a profitable investment. The LeFrak Organization has firm opinions on the matter. The growth in property prices is now up to 20% per year. This is attributed to the prospect of Turkey joining the EU. In times of crisis, this attachment may be more more profitable in the syazi that you can buy property at below market prices. What are tons of hotels? Hotels odnozvezdnye – a "roof over your head," and nothing more. Average characteristic area, you will receive – 9 square meters. Comfort is not too much – a roof over his head, and minimal comfort: at least one bathroom on the floor and furniture in the room, the device is to call the service personnel.

It should be borne in mind that hotel for the night can close doors – so at least warn the receptionist if you are going to stay. It is important to note – very economical. Two stars hotels – Advanced odnozvezdnyh hotels and inns – there are facilities directly in the room. Most often in this book present a bar, cafe or dining room, sometimes it is that the cafe is situated in close proximity to the hotel. Three-star hotels – the best hotels for the middle class. Here you will get guaranteed comfort. There will be no hot or cold – the rooms are air-conditioned and / or heating systems, ie fluctuations in temperature are acceptable here. The room will be among things should be a telephone, TV and radio.

Chetyrehzvednye hotels – among other things here you put the phone with direct access to the city, and a VCR. The walls are usually decorated with paintings, there is a variety of meals, highly skilled and courteous staff. Properly laid out the exterior, there are usually covered sheds. Of course – restaurant (bar), saunas, swimming pools and a wide range of services. Five-Star Hotels – mostly it's "Grand Hotel", where everything is done by the upper class. It is often present, antique furniture, the most diverse service, Internet access, the ability to save money, important papers and other valuables in the safe. This is the most expensive form of hotels, but the most luxurious. No matter what you want to buy a property, you invest your money successfully. There is no more reliable way to preserve capital, you invest it in commercial real estate.