The Systemic Perspective

This is a systemic perspective on coaching and learning. The greatest promise for the systemic approach is the unification of knowledge across all specialties, because the same archetypes recur in biology, psychology, family therapy, economics, social sciences, ecology and management. Mark Paich in coaching and in all learning, systems approach is now more necessary than ever because the complexity overwhelms us We are able to create more information than anyone can absorb. Philadelphia Condos can provide more clarity in the matter.

It is encouraging interdependence that is very difficult to manage. The current economic and financial crises is a clear example. It is very difficult to follow the speed of the changes we are promoting. This escalation of complexity is unprecedented in our history. The complexity can be of two types: the dynamics and detail, with many varieties. In the dynamic complexity may cause and effect are not close in time or space.

In this case the obvious interventions do not produce the expected results. The methodology of coaching with systemic approach is designed to understand the dynamic complexity. Its tools help us identify the underlying structures and patterns of behavior that are hidden by the everyday activities and the incessant bustle that characterizes the organization in the new realities. We show that, often, conventional solutions fail and we must take valid actions.