The Spiritual Message Of The Avatars – Jeffrey Armstrong – Now In Bookstores!

Published about avatars and their messages before now forty years was introduced in the Jeffrey Armstrong author of Indian scholar in the world of the avatars. Since then, he deals with the transmission of the teachings of the avatars, their cosmology, intelligence, wisdom, and message. The fruit of his longtime work shares Armstrong in his new book with any interested reader and takes them to the cosmology of the avatars, their secrets and messages which offer a maximum current strategy in dealing with today’s problems. Ideas that eventually change paradigms, germinate sometimes years or even decades in a man. “So the Director James Cameron took twenty years to the vision of his science fiction film avatar departure for Pandora” to implement.

In the science-fiction movie in which it comes to resources on another planet, Cameron mixed turned real and computer-animated scenes, large parts of the film in a Virtual Studio with newly developed digital 3D cameras were shot. Played alone until May 30, 2010 Avatar”worldwide over 2.7 billion US dollars, the highest amount for a blogbuster. Millions of people around the world saw the film in IMAX 3D cinema and were highly inspired and deeply moved by Cameron’s expansive cinematic vision. But it was not only the brilliant implemented technical effects, which were reflected in this film, but there was something else that moved many people several times in the movie. It was the deep, spiritual connection the NA’vi, lived the inhabitants of the planet Pandora with each other and the way they in harmony with nature. She aroused the desire to live in deep harmony with others and the world in many moviegoers. Besides James Cameron yet a second American dealt intensively with the topic of avatars: Jeffrey Amstrong, a visionary and spiritual teacher. Previously he was one of the leading executives in Silicon Valley, before he decided on the high point of his career to align his life holistically.