The Realtor

Although, the usual luck was not excluded. Perhaps the first person who came to watch just need an apartment in this place, just for this price. If the name of the buyer in the transaction involved real estate agent can be part of the service for free. By participating in the transaction agent, one way or another, is interested in the rapid solution of all problems and therefore can help you to call, for example, in gathering the necessary documents for sale. However, it is possible that for such assistance to the realtor will ask pre-payment.

For example, say that "… situation is more than a serious, we undertake to solve it, and it is worth so much. " Accept the proposed conditions or solve their problems independently, each defines for himself. If the agent in the transaction is not involved, then all negotiations better hold on their territory: in your home or office. Psychologically, the native walls help – people feel more confident and calmer. 5.

Agreement with the seller is not always agreement the buyer is the final decision. Even agreeing on a deal people can continue to seek more lucrative option. At the same time, the seller has already rented an apartment advertising confident that the deal will certainly take place. So reasonable after the oral consent of the buyer to ask for an advance payment to secure the obligation to buy an apartment. Suppose you manage to persuade a buyer to a kind of provisional sum, which can guarantee that the transaction takes place.