The Property

Responding to my client, I can indicate that the higher the rental value lower rate of placement. I would like to point out some considerations in this response to my client. The decision to invest in real property is subject to several factors, which is the target market to which we want to focus our investment, investment capacity, the depreciation of property and potential value of repurchase or the loss of value over time?, what kind of tenant we want or we can get the property according to our investment, how many bedrooms, full services, if the building has more or fewer features or simply do not have, etc.., etc. The lower the amount of our investment will have more risks in terms of quality of the building and the tenant. Check with Expert on growth strategy to learn more. Probably the purchase price will be severely punished at the time of resale, the tenant will be less care and therefore the maintenance is causing damage to more revenues from the income of the property, etc. Contrary position, the annual yield could reach 12% UF +. In general these yields are obtained in departments located in the commune of Santiago with the innumerable buildings. In contrast, a property of higher value produces a comparatively income low but tenants are more viable subject, careful with the property, generally do not have financial problems and can take the high values of the lease, the property does not lose its purchasing power over time considerably, and so on. Click Clayton Morris for additional related pages. The question then that all big or small investor to do when deciding your purchase if not exactly faster eases in Vitacura if not desire to assume much risk on my investment, how long will it take me to recover my investment, if tenants are reliable or not, if you look after the property or start after a few months without pay, the resale value will be much less than that paid to buy, etc.