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Most credit institutions be sure prior to loan granting to that there is a sufficient credit for the borrower. Doubts about the ability to repay debt, no serious credit institution will grant a loan. Own real estate represents an important pillar of the personal pension in addition to the comfort of the free housing development advantages and disadvantages of real estate property. The real estate is a thing worth founded and therefore kapitalmarkt – and inflation-independent value system, providing a cheap residential aged. The dependencies such as landlords or regulated high income in retirement age (for the rental payments) are eliminated. However, also own real estate presents some disadvantages: so the owner must take care independently insurance, supply partners, or compliance requirements. Also he must pay for renovations and maintenance or is taken in many municipal decisions in duty (E.g.

for road or sidewalk renovation, etc.). It is crucial that a property owner has not only during the financing period, but later, using an appropriate income or assets to keep accruing obligations can be met. The location dependency rise also, because a tenant can move much easier the place of residence or the object if necessary as an owner. Sales of real estate are associated mostly with many circumstances and often not to significant financial losses, because rarely achieves a sale price above or equal to the purchase price. Conclusion the General market conditions for a real estate financing and thus the creation of real estate property are currently extremely cheap. Who is in an accordance with good personal assets or incomes, should wait too much longer – real estate property is still ideal for retirement and for the comfort of life in the age.

However, some drawbacks need careful be, on which the interested party advance a clear picture should get. A proper planning requires a detailed analysis of one’s own situation and the subsequent optimization of the foreign capital. Helpful to independent consultant can assist the interested parties this is an opportunity comprehensively to find out, for example, on the Internet at. Mortgage – low mortgage interest rates… more info use real estate advisor – buy or rent?