The Perfect Garden For People With Allergies

To reduce the risk of allergy in your home garden pollen: the perfect garden for people with allergies so you reduce the risk of allergy in your garden so some hay fever patient dreams of the own flowers in the garden. Unfortunately, pollen make many a stroke through the Bill. But, a colorful garden without dripping nose is possible with some flair. Allergy-friendly plants as a general rule: who suffers from a pollen allergy, should surround yourself with as possible safe plants. Deemed to be genuine pollen spin: Cedar, birch, beech, maple, Hazel, Linden, poplar – avoid. Are safe: Bauer hydrangea: Hibiskuss, rhododendrons, azaleas, and the most Clematis varieties. Among the perennials IRIS, lobelia and lupines are considered unproblematic, as well as evening primrose, carnations, Delphinium and all groves. According to the Academy of allergy, asthma & Immunology (AAAAI) also tulips, roses, magnolias, cherries, cacti are allergy friendly”.

But also the turf will be maintained. This should be as short as possible be kept so that only small amounts of pollen that can stick. Important: Never mow on particularly dry days, because otherwise much dust is whirled up. Protective clothing by using the right clothes can be minimized the pollen load. The best suitable dirt-repellent materials with smooth surfaces. These prevent the pollen that stick and carried into the apartment.

Also the protection of the eyes and the mucous membrane of the mouth is particularly important. Should refrain from contact with the fingers. In particularly bad cases can also a bicycling and a mouth guard (there’s at any hardware store) be worn.